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All of our equipment will provide you with excellent, professional and high-resolution photos and videos of you and your guests along with professional high-quality photo printers (DSLR & Beauty Booth) that will leave your guests with the perfect keepsake memory from your special event! Our 360 Experience will provide you with instant videos that your guests can access quickly and on the spot!

  • Hi-Res DSLR Photo Booth - Hi-Resolution DSLR Camera Photo Booth with excellent, professional lighting and printing. This makes a perfect party favor for your guests!

  • Beauty Booth - Our popular Hi-Resolution DSLR Photo Booth with a glam twist! This booth is inspired by the popular Hollywood glam photo booth you see all your favorite celebs using. Our Beauty Booth will snap a single pose of you and your guests using a white backdrop and no props - it's all about keeping it classy & elegant! Our software will then apply (within seconds!) an intelligent skin smoothing, image sharpening, exposure enhancing, background brightening filter that will make you look even more flawless than you already are! Guests will have the option to choose between color, black & white or BOTH!

  • Digital DSLR Booth - This is our basic Digital Booth that gives you the same, excellent quality of photos in digital format. Download and share your photos on social media! Please note, this booth does not offer printing.

  • Digital Drop-Off Booth -  This is our basic Digital iPad Drop-Off Booth that is perfect for smaller budgets and smaller, intimate parties. This does not include an attendant, props or a backdrop. Enjoy Photos, Gifs, AI Background Removals/Digital Backdrops! Download and share your photos on social media! Please note, this booth does not offer printing.

  • 360 Experience - The 360 Video Experience is the new hype! This booth brings your guests on a platform to pose or dance while our camera records a short clip in a 360 degree motion! Videos are then instantly edited through our software to speed up, reverse and add slow motion effects. The video is then available to share instantly. Check out our new 360 LED Enclosure on our Instagram!

Our Backdrops measure at 8ft x 8ft giving plenty of space for a large group! It is recommended to select your template prior to your backdrop to ensure the photo strip template and backdrop blend in well together. The EnVee Reservations Team will assist you with this during the reservations process.
Hi-Res DSLR Booth + White Backdrop
White Sequin
Pink Sequin Backdrop
Pink Sequin
Hi-Res DSLR Booth + Shiny Silver Backdrop_edited.jpg
Shiny Silver Sequin
Gold Sequin Backdrop
Gold Sequin
Blush Sequin Backdrop
Blush Sequin
Royal Blue Sequin
Royal Blue Sequin
Copper Sequin
Copper Sequin
Silver Glitter.png
Blue Diamond Drops_edited.jpg

Available Add-Ons

  • Beauty Booth

  • Personalized Guestbook

  • Audio Guestbook Phone

  • Video Guestbook

  • Flower Walls

  • 360 Booth LED Enclosure

  • 360 Booth Enclosure with Drapes/Curtains

  • Photo Booth Enclosure with Drapes/Curtains


Looking for something you don't see on here? Let us know and we can see how we can help make it happen!

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